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Goose, Heather & a sewage leak

By charlie ranken, Oct 31 2017 12:22PM

Its only Tuesday and a lot has happened this week already.

I launched my Sophie & Goose workshops yesterday. I'm very excited about this collaboration so excited that both myself and Laura Wall have decided to create two special offers for school who book before 2018. Free books and a discounted price of workshops. For more information visit my StoryBook Page on my website or contact me. If you are a teacher or know anyone who maybe interested get in touch, these offers are only available in 2017!

Yesterday, I also attended professional classes at Plymouth Univeristy. Heather Richmond lead the class for Exim Dance and its was great. She made everyone feel at ease and we definitely used different muscles from those we normally use. Her movement phrases were refreshingly strong, vibrant and gave dancers scope to push themselves dynamically. The music was a wonderful aray of popular tracks, some seemed to have Carribean bounce to them which got everyone freestyling whilst waiting to travel across the space. Thanks Heather, you said you wanted fun, it was fun!

I didn't think I would have to talk about my off the ground_ professional classes in the same paragraph as poo or urine. However, Radiant unfortunately has lost it space for a few days and I'm still unsure whether it will be ready for Thursday night when I launch my professional taster sessions. Watch this space. Apparently, the flat above the studio has had a sewage leak. Not nice. I'm thinking of everyone that has to work there today as I'm sure it doesnt smell great. I'm currently listening to Blink 182, drinking tea and eating jaffa cakes so I'm all good!

If you interested in coming along on Thursday, keep up dated on FB. If the studio is all storted it will be a great class, something a bit different for your Thursday evening and no, you shouldn't need air freshers or nose pegs!

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