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Turnips, a mouse and a dedicated husband.

By charlie ranken, Jan 12 2018 06:01PM

We managed to get a pair of tickets to see The Enormous Turnip at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth on Wednesday. 'We' is myself and my three year old son. I took him a few times to the Brighton Dome when we lived in West Sussex so I think this is his 4th performance offically.

Afterwards I asked him what his best bit was and he answer, 'Race cars.'

No, there isn't any race cars, this is his automatic response lately as he loves them. Inside though he mentioned the mouse was his favourite, he yelled pull with all the other children brought along by two schools and at the end asked me if he could see it again. All in all, a success.

I loved it as a adult. I felt sorry for Mr Chickweed, I was given an insight into their marriage on another level and I thought Mrs Chickweed was incredibly lucky to have such a supportive, inventive and creative husband. The children responded to every chapter of the story and there wasn’t a dull moment. I loved the dancing, the songs, the vegetables and their house.

My three year old understood the issue that arose and how Mr Chickweek found a solution and every child understood the importance of Mrs Chickweeds house rule which they reminded everyone if it wasn’t adhered too.

I would say if you three go and see it, if your a teacher take someone small with permission and if your an adult looking into theatre work for children you should go and get some inspiration.

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