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By charlie ranken, Oct 11 2017 10:33AM

I've had the honoured of teaching Exeter Youth Dance Company for Kay Crook, last Monday and this Monday. A group of 14-19 year olds that use the studios at Phoenix Theatre meet once a week to explore contemporary and increase technique and performance skills.

I used the chance to teach a contemporary motif to the track Breezeblocks by Alt J. I think it went down well. Moments of control and flashes of speed meant dancers had to be aware conflicting tensions and when to explode and when to calm movement down. They also got to create their own phrases using the motif movements which we added to create a piece. Each reflecting on their own style and how the movements fit their body, all the dancers came up with solo's or duets that were threaded throughout the dance. In two sessions we devised half a dance!

I asked for feedback at the end of the workshop. Its always good to know if your teaching at the right level or if the class inspired them in someway. Thank you dancers of Exeter Youth Dance Company - Ruby, Tammy, Noah, Ella, Rosie, Emily, Rowan x 2, Joby, Suni, Ellen, Hattie and Moncia and no, I dont have the register infront of me. You made a lasting impression!

'Really enjoyed your process and devlopement of movement. Fabulous starfishing at the end and loved the music. Hopefully see you soon!'

'Loved how you kept on using people's names, it kept me alert and made me feel included and present. Loved the cool down, I have a hectic life and it helped!'

'I really loved all of the sessions, especially being able to do our own choreography and add to the piece. Thank you so much.'

'The class was very orginally and interesting, I really enjoyed it. Maybe at the end we could do more physical stretching. Thak you very much!' - Yes, if i get invited back I will save more time for stretching! Got a bit carried away with the piece you were devising looked so good!

By charlie ranken, Oct 3 2017 04:10PM

I've had an interesting week.

On Sunday I auditioned for the Candlelight Murder Mystery company, specialists on taking you through a journey whilst you eat a three course meal. It was a day of improvision, being quick witted and most importantly, charming. Miraculously, I got the job and am now a member of the cast! Ever though I'm over the moon, the proof really is in the pudding. Once I have one murder mystery safely under my belt I will feel like I can raise a glass. The Candlelight company are doing so well that they are booked every weekend, up to November, next year! They are known for their professional and exciting events. I am extremely delighted to be in the cast, I hope my first evening goes well and I keep my cool and deliver my character with style. If I am indeed the murdered victim, I hope I can lay still enough to be convincing!

Today, I've spent most of my time at Radiant, devising and working with Sam Pomeroy and team to create ideas for the Christmas Grotto, which I'm happy to anounce reached its crowdfunding aim. We talked deers, snow, the moon and did a lot of running around. (Theatrical games are a must apparently)

I am also in discussions with them about hiring out some space for off the ground_ professional classes on a Thursdays. This would be ideal as it would be investing in the young people they work with. I have already had some interest from dancers I have met in other classes. More about this will be posted on the fb page soon.

I am literally loving the diverse range of opportuntiies I have managed to find here. Thank you Plymouth :)

By charlie ranken, Sep 27 2017 12:49PM

Last week, I sat down with Laura Wall. My first meeting with the local artist whom is kind enough to lend her work to design a movement workshop for reception children. Sophie & Goose are all over the world and now they will be hopefully finding their way to your t.v screens with Dawn French as Goose's translator.

I am so excited to be working along side another creative mind, all possible with a small amount of funding from Plymouth Dance. The images are the short interview I did with Laura to find out more about S & G and the importance of their adventures.

More can be found soon on my Story Book Project page...

By charlie ranken, Sep 19 2017 01:44PM

Its not my first contemporary class ever, obviously but since moving down I attended my first session yesterday at Plymouth University. Lead by Kane John Mills, who I keep bumping into in auditions and art meetings (Yes, Kane, your stalking me! Not the other way round!) and it was great. I was pushed, challenged and also given time to think and build my confidence. There was a range of levels there and actually, even though students get the class for free, everyone I spoke to wasn't a student. Refreshing to see a class working for those after they leave education.

My other news includes the start and probably the end of selfies. I just cant do them! Maybe its the cheap Tesco mobile, the feeling of being peceieved as too self absorbed or i'm just rubbish at getting myself and another object in! Example, me standing outside the Barbican Theatre at my first Sandcastle Theatre rehearsal.

Today, I have my first meeting with Laura Wall, an artist and children's author, about creating a movement workshop for Reception children in school. I have received a small amouth of fundiing from Plymouth Dance to start this project off which I'm really excited about. I wonder whether she has trouble with selfie taking?!

By charlie ranken, Sep 12 2017 12:57PM

Today, I sat in a lovely unique cafe in Plymouth called Rumpus Cosy part of Radiant & Effervescent organisations. I first walked into a office full of Furby's to have a meeting with the Theatre Director Sam Pomeroy. If you havent experienced the Art Gallery here, its cool, end of story. I will be excited to attend the 'I am not a robot' exibition where each Furby represents a child in Plymouth who actually needs fostering. This is an installation that will go far beyond the building and hopefully have an impact elsewhere. Not just a gallery to stare at the walls, its much, much more. Anyway, the meeting went well. I enjoyed my tea, conversation and the first look at opportunties I might benefit from moving to Plymouth. Go and see a Furby if you live in Devon or go and if your too far away help them out by visiting there crowdfunding page regarding their Christmas Grotto. Another amazing opprotunity to help a small furry animal, this time its a small bear!

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