'Charlie has been working with young people and leader in charge for Vibe Dance Company for a lengthy amount of time. Charlie's non-judgemental approach and fun nature allows her to engage in positive interactions/discussions and activities with young people. Charlie has excellant communicational and interpersonal skills, whihc allows her to be genuine in her relationships. Charlie is friendly, approachable and reflective

which enables her to challenge herself, evaluate and progress forward. I would not hestitate to recommend Charlie to any employer, organisation or agency, as she is an asset to Vibe Dance Company.'


Claire Mathieson, WSCC Youth Service, Project Manager

'I enjoyed your sessions. Your diction and explainations were very good. You were observant of our age-related problems. Thanks.'


Liz, Over 50's Dance Class


'Charlie is a very competent and popular instructor and she engages well with the young people she teaches whose ages range from 7-16 years old. She produces some outstanding dance routines with the children and works well with all abilities. She has excellent communication skills with her groups and has a good rapport with them, and can motivate them to bring out the best in all of them. She is well organised and arrives well before her session time to set up and leaves the centre in a clean and tidy condition. She can egage and deal with the soemtimes troublesome children.'


Lynne Marriner, Swanfield Community Co-ordinator

'Charlie is an excellent choreographer and I recommend her highly. I enlisted her services to choreograph an opening dance routine for a group of young people between 8 and 16 years. Charlie was able to create a routine which all the young people were comfortable with and execute it in a simple manner which all could understand and grasp. Not only does she have a natural flair for dance, but she is extremely creative and introduces shapes which fit well with different dance styles. She is quick to correctly interpret a vision and helps young dancers to gain a sense of ownership and confidence. She is a perfectionist, which is undeniably a good thing in dance - but her level of patience, understanding, and ability to explain and teach the art of dance is a testament to her natural ability to connect to students. Charlie is accommodating, very helpful and willing to go the extra mile tp get the job done. Young people warm to her and she has a gift whihc allows her to get the best out of young people. I will definitely request Charlie's services for future dance activities.'


Judith Comrie, Young Lambeth Cooperative

'Charlie is a fantastic teacher. She jumped in at the last minute to teach at my Stagecoach Theatre School in Lewes. She took time to talk to the children before the class and find out exactly what kind of level of teaching would be appropriate and enjoyable for them. Her teaching is excellent and the children really enjoyed their lessons. I would definately book Charlie again.'


Caroline Obolensky,

School Principle of Stagecoach Lewes, near Brighton

'I throughly enjoyed the sessions. Charlie is just right. Pleasant, polite, fun - a good teacher with a love of dancing. You wouldn't ask for better than Charlie. (64 but goes away feeling 24)'


Brenda, Over 50's Dance Company


'I throughly enjoyed the sessions. Charlie is just right. Pleasant, polite, fun - a good teacher with a love of dancing. You wouldn't ask for better than Charlie. (64 but goes away feeling 24)'


Brenda, Over 50's Dance Company

'My daughter recently received 1:1 tuition with Charlie. Charlie used creative strategies to encourage my daughter to develop her own ideas for her GCSE dance piece. Charlie listened to her ideas and developed a good rapport with her. By using creative ideas Charlie made the session’s fun and her enthusiasm for dance was more than evident. Each week my daughter felt more confident with her dance.


My daughter commented, “Each time I met Charlie, she made me explore different ways to think about my dance which then made it much easier for me to choreograph the next phrase of movement.”


Elaine and Poppy


'Charlie worked with my 10 year old daughter to choreograph 2 pieces for her to perform. Charlie worked with us to select appropriate music pieces and then drew up a schedule to ensure my daughter was properly prepared for her performances. I was very impressed by Charlies' commitment and professionalism whilst they were working together and her encouragement to get the best out of my daughter. Thank you.'


Layla and Imogen