Goose and Friends is an amazing set of stories and books written and illustrated by Laura Wall who has her own very lovely gallery in Teigmouth, Devon. Her books are all about adventures, having fun and making friends as well as the characters learning about the world around them. Children absoutely love Goose!


In 2018, Charlie applied for a Professional Developement Card from Plymouth Dance where a small amount of money would enable Charlie to secure two days of research and developement with Laura Wall. The process was rich in experience and enable both parties to get to grips with difference practices of expresses the arts as well as gaining understanding into the Goose brand, the importance of the colour pattele and font. The Goose brand has a really strong desire to inspire children to read and its values reflect this in every step of its journey.


Laura was asked to visit a school in Saudi Arabia through Authors Abroad and although she had made many visits to different countries through this organsiaton, the school in Saudi was asking for one additional extra. Movement sessions!


In February 2019, Laura and Charlie went out to KUAST in Saudi Arabia to deliver the first combined creative programme where the school beneiftted from reading and drawing workshops and movement and music sessions as well as welcome and send-off assemblies. All inspired by the Goose and Friends books. It was a success and an amazing and unforgettable experience.


If you would like to know more about Laura Wall, please do visit her link to the right. If you are interested in the combined creative programme in your school, please do get in touch.


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'The KAUST Kindergarten was particularly lucky this year when we had the opportunity to bring both Laura Wall and Charlie Ranken for a joint school visit. Having both of them here at KAUST allowed us to offer a highly unique and balanced program which supported the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development of our youngest students. The program combined Laura’s creative story writing and illustrative flair with Charlie’s performance talents and understanding of early childhood development.


Working with both Laura and Charlie has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. It is clear that these two professionals are extremely passionate about the work they do, and are conscientious about the quality of their programs. They were professional and timely in communication and planning, and very flexible to adjust to our school’s needs without compromising the value of their program. Both Laura and Charlie are wonderfully kind people, and a pleasure to work with.'


Candace Taylor-Weber


The KAUST School Kindergarten