off the ground_ actually started a long time ago. Launched in West Sussex in 2010, off the ground_ created performances in a strive to deliver another creative strand to church services and designed workshops for year 6 primary school children around faith and their values before moving to secondary school. Ruth GL and Charlie ran the company for just under 6 years, with a slight pause in the middle when Charlie was on maternity leave.


Now in Plymouth, the company still has the same aim to Reclaim and Restore and understands that moving and music have the potential to unlock joy and make a person whole. As its a faith based company one of its main focuses is still to enable people to connect to their faith in a different way that maybe unconventional to normal routes offered in church. With this in mind, off the ground_ spend a year in Plymouth working out the artistic landscape of the city and in May launched Moving Faith, adult movement workshops that use techniques, exercises and skills delivered in the theatre and dance industry to increase an understanding of how the body moves, how effective the use of an ensemble is and how powerful is it for those involved as well as those watching. There is a real sense of not disregarding our bodies, everything we have to honour God and live our lives is interconnected. Our bodies has a huge part to play as a vessel for our soul, a sound board for our heart,  a network of neurons speaking our mind and a collection of working mechanisms of strength.


' the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.'


Charlie was recently on Cross Rhythms Radio discussing the Moving Faith workshops, the journey of the company and the vision she has. To listen to these interviews please visit the Facebook Page.


Charlie currently runs Moving Faith workshops once a month.


Look out for Whippersnapper & Friend, a duet dance workshop for adult and child and Healthy & Happy sessions, exercise sessions with an aim to work up a sweat and acknowedge you body brings your strength and joy.


For more information email [email protected]




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"Gentle, inspiring, accessible"


"Fun, non-threatening introduction which left us feeling uplifted and encouraged"


"Inspiring and freeing"


'Created a space to be, to move and to listen'


'Thank you for inviting me in with open arms!'


'These workshops have been so liberating. Always surprise myself by the end of it.'


'Created a safe space to explore movement and my relationship with God.'


'Delightful, sensing his presence...'


Participants of the Moving Faith Workshops