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It might sound old fashioned and it kind of is, but the internet is saturated with visual content, even more so at the moment, that sometimes can get you lost, trigger an avalanche of emotions or often find amazing discounts on that thing you never needed.


Supported by my training as a Womens Health Practitioner, an extensive career in dance and movement and being a parent myself as well as having a beautiful and illegent mother as a Health Visitor, Taking The Time are six week post natal courses containing thought-through, enlightening and up to date information and exercises that will support a postnatal body.


Being a mum is a whole other ball game, its like entering Naria, equally magical and amazing and painstakely new and challenging. I strongly believe that if you hold onto a sense of proactive nourishment and the need to fuel yourself, the journey is a little easier.


Six Week Course includes:


* Dance Routine


*Stretch and Strength exercises


*Mindful Body Audio tracks


*Measurable HIIT plan


*Vital Body information






This course is for those or have already attended their six week postnatal check up and are ready and raring to get back into exercise again.


If you had a caesarean, please be aware, your recovery time might be longer.


Women can experience abdominal seperation and weaker pelvic floor muslces.


If you have any doubts or questions about whether exercise, the amount or style is right for you currently, talk to a health visitor or GP.


All women are made uniquely and experience birth and parenting in different ways. Be accountable for your body. If in pain refrain from exercise. Adapt and choose exercise that fits your needs and your bodies ability.

Our next course is:


2nd October - 6th November. £20.


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